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Featuring Old School Aba Musicians – The Legends


Arthur Freds is hale and hearty. Strong. Playing music. Engaging in local communities as well as in the larger society. He shows up everywhere without notice, but those who do not know him will never know it is Arthur Freds! This goes to support one of the songs on this album. He called that song, “Simplicity”. It sounded like theory, but the more you see Arthur Freds, the more you confirm he knows about simplicity. He lives it. It is simply simplicity. It is Arthur Freds. It’s Me!



Have you listened to Arthur Freds in his 2016 smash hit, Decency? He is crying for a beautiful world that people are destroying and degrading. He is crying for children, for environment, for education.

Take a look…




'Arthur Freds On Air' focuses on what is popularly known as ABA MUSIC. There is a high demand for this piece. When we say ABA Music, we mean the music made by musicians based in Aba during an era that spans 1970 to 1980. The above ten-year period is crucial as a lot of musical work done in it related to and mirrored British and American Music at that same period. My bands and I memorized several Motown songs and performed them on stage. We also worked on songs of that era but from other labels than Motown. Music from the succeeding period may be treated in this program as they become applicable.

Barry Starrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! is the one and only spirit behind this site. He is the spirit of this site. You cannot talk about Aba Music without mentioning the name "Barry Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Barry was, at a time, the best drummer on the entire West Coast of Africa. Barry played for the funkiest bands in Nigeria. Barry played for the most popular bands. Every band wanted Barry on their stage. Barry is a brother to OkeyBoy! Barry is still on stage responding to the high demand top bands are placing on him to be on their stage. You need Barry? He's is just around the corner! Just let us know.


Arthur Freds is available to accept concert engagements anywhere, depending on the schedule!


Concert Booking: BIWAL, Abuja -  08062437820; 08060746787; 08033190012


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